From Electric Hilux to Tesla Model S

Matthew first became our customer in March 2017. He was one of the first people to buy a Nissan LEAF in Australia and was struggling to to find a company that would rent him an electric (or even a hybrid) car while he was travelling for business or family vacations.

Over time Matthew became a regular client and also shared his story of passion for electric vehicles. It takes a great deal of determination to do what he did a few years before even Tesla Roadster went into production…

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11 Tesla Easter Eggs and Hidden Features

Tesla vehicles are computers on wheels and, or more precisely – smartphones. One of the main features they share with mobile devices is software updates. Tesla owners continuously report to wake up to a car that’s become better overnight with an over-the-air update. The updates range from minor bus and fixes to major improvements in user interface, autopilot capabilities and even performance…

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